Greatest Hits Demo cover

Greatest Hits Demo

  1. Blood Thinner -02:52
  2. Beg & Pray -04:23
  3. Your Woman -02:44
released 03 June 2013

Jeff Bowne - guitar/vocals
Mark Diehl - bass
Phil Schorn - drums
Recorded May 30, 2013 by BJ Howze
at Demo City on 1/4" 8 track reel to reel.

Download from Bandcamp.

From Radio Static Philly:
"Their progressive hardcore punk sound has crushingly fast drum work, fuzzed the fuck out bass, a rad guitar tone that's kind of ratty that makes the stops in the songs super tight and the vocals are angry and raw as hell! "Greatest Hits Demo" opens with "Blood Thinner" which is just an onslaught of unrelenting heaviness yet has these tension building parts where the music cuts out and lyrics like "You're to old to die young" and "Blood is thinner than air" are yelled very angrily. There are lots of parts making for a very A.D.D. like songwriting structure that is a common theme for Faking's musical style. "Beg and Pray" is a creeping song that slowly slithers through and does a good job of creeping out the listener with a little over 4 minutes, one killer fucking solo, and a destructive end that is completely brutal! The pulsating drum and bass intro to "Your Woman" keeps with the creeper vibe but steadily builds and gets more and more intense as it moves throughout the song. On the liner notes it mentions that it's based on "If I were your woman" by Gladus Knight and The Pips which is pretty weird/awesome and to be honest I didn't know what to think about this song but it grew on me."